Our People
We’re a dedicated team, bringing together a range of expertise and experiences that allow us to support the needs of our customers.
With a unique combination of deep technical expertise; business leadership and creative thinking, we help you move your goals forward.

Anju Joy - Director

Anju Joy is a partner and director of InfoTech HelpLine (IT HelpLine) since its inception. She has a background in project management and is involved in managing the organization in these capacities:

  • Financial control
  • Accreditation
  • Partnerships and Affiliates
  • Key Account management
Integrity and quality will underlie every aspect of everything we do - no exceptions.
Anju Joy
Anju Joy Director

Soy Elias - Director

We achieve, not by overtaking our competitors; but by helping our customers achieve more.
Soy Elias
Soy Elias Regional Sales

Based out of UAE, Soy Elias has a long background in education management in areas of Software development to IT management.

  • Marketing and sales
  • Partnerships and Affiliates
  • Key Account management

Soy has also held other management positions in the corporate sector.

Santhosh Babu - Principal Consultant

With over two decades in IT Service Management, Santhosh is one of the first ITSM consultants in the middle-east - long before the term ITSM was coined. He has consulted and facilitated in over 100 organizations throughout Asia.

  • IT Governance
  • IT Service Management
  • ISO Standards
An agent for change starts by encouraging, but must lead it through by educating and empowering.
Santhosh Babu
Santhosh Babu ITSM and Govennance