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atolitaThe purpose of the Lean IT Foundation certificate is to certify that you have gained knowledge of the Lean IT terminology, structure and basic concepts and have comprehended the core principles of Lean IT practices.

Based on the core principles of Lean, the Foundation level certification course will help IT departments become more business-value oriented, removing waste, inflexibility and variability. The principles of Lean IT are applicable to all IT operations regardless of industry or sector.

Any organization effectively applying Lean IT will notice increased user and customer satisfaction, reductions of IT costs, increased productivity, and ability to manage demand more efficiently.

Lean IT is the extension of Lean principles applied to IT products and services and complementary to all other best practice methods.• Understanding customer value
• Processes that deliver this value
• The way to manage performance
• The way to organise
• The required attitude and behaviours
• Understand and be able to identify the concept of waste
• Learn about and how to apply Lean analytical tools
• Initiate, document, and implement process improvements
• Eliminate waste and inefficiencies in your IT infrastructure and processes
• Increase productivity through improved resource management
• Increase user and customer satisfaction by focusing on delivering value
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Lean IT Foundation is appropriate for professionals working in the field of IT. Suitable roles are at managerial or product specialist level, project management and/or line management.

Any manager or specialist working in an IT organization can benefit from the insights provided by the qualification. Candidates could also be project managers or line managers in an IT organization.

There are no prerequisites for candidates wishing to be trained and examined for this qualification. However, it is strongly recommended that candidates:
  • Have 2 years of IT-professional experience
  • Basic knowledge of quality and management systems
It is expected that you are familiar with IT processes and procedures in the fields of software development and/or support and maintenance.
The classroom training is delivered in varying formats and training includes lecture and interactive sessions where the instructor covers each knowledge area and follows it up through a discussion session and hands-on exercises to reinforce the knowledge imparted. Accredited courseware will be provided as classroom handouts (hard copy) which include:
  • Presentation material
  • Homework and assignments
  • Summary course notes
  • Sample practice tests
  • Assessment  exams
Exam Format : Closed book, supervised, Online / paper  based
Questions : 40 questions
Time : 60 minutes
Type : Multiple choice objective
Pass Score : 26/40 or 65%
  • The training helped us understand the concepts by interlinking real life scenarios making them easy to remember
    Aparna Samala IT Manager at CA Technologies
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High Quality Training
All our training programs are delivered by senior trainers with real-world consulting experience. Deliverables include hard-copy accredited course-ware and the official certification exam.
On-Site / Public Schedule
Training can be delivered on-site at a location of your choice - exclusively for your organization. Please contact us with your specific requirements.